Website PDF report
of click depth 1

For any website you want, you get a PDF containing complete screenshots of all pages which can be reached by clicking one time on the start page. For many websites, this is already almost the whole set of pages.In case it was necessary to hover-over a link before getting to another link, an image of the hovered link is also added to the PDF.

4,99 EUR

  • A website is defined via its URL. Links to other websites are not followed.
  • Creating a PDF usually takes more than one hour for depth 1, several hours or even more than a day for greater depths. In general, the duration is determined by the size (e.g. number of pages) of the website.
  • Browsing via a website is done only up to the defined depth – i.e. number of clicks counted from the start URL.
  • Only links visible for a human user are clicked. Any hidden links are skipped.
  • The images show the appearance as perceived via a browser at the time of taking it. Modifications after or other appearances are not considered