With our automated solutions, website governance becomes an easy task!

We automatically create PDF reports for your website which contain complete screenshots of the pages found – exactly how users see them in their browsers when they move over the site.
This provides a contigious copy of your website as required for QA and approval processes - in a repeatable manner and with constant quality.

Here you find an example of a Website PDF report for click level 1:
Example PDF

You want to constantly monitor your website for unauthorized modifications? You want to get noticed if a website of your interest has relevant changes (e.g. from a competitor)?

With our Website Modification Alerting, you will timely receive alarm messages if some content changes appeared which you did not expect.

After execution of changes on your website, you want to make sure that the result is as expected, and that no unwanted side effects or modifications on certain sub pages appeared?

Our Website Delta report will show you exactely how and where the current website content differs from some state it had in the past.

0,00 EUR
  • Free Trial of a
    Website PDF report
  • 5 example pages
    for a website of your choice
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4,99 EUR
  • Website PDF report
    of click depth 1
  • Contains all pages reachable
    with one click from homepage
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199,00 EUR
  • Website PDF report
    of click depth 2
  • Contains all pages reachable
    with two clicks from homepage
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  • Website Modification Alerting,
    Website Deltareports
    and custom Website PDF reports
  • on request 
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